Comments in English

  • The entire stay and lodging was awesome! However, a few ideas for the future: 1. Consider adding a microwave to the rooms. Not too many places open late at night to eat 2. Provided specific information on last day breakfast delivery to room. We were not clear if it was an option or not and ended up walking to restaurant to find it closed. Der gesamte Aufenthalt und die Unterkunft war super! Einige Ideen für die Zukunft: 1. Erwägen Sie, den Räumen eine Mikrowelle hinzuzufügen. Nicht zu viele Orte haben bis spät in die Nacht geöffnet 2. Spezifische Informationen zur Lieferung des Zimmers am letzten Tag mit Frühstück. Wir waren uns nicht klar, ob es eine Option war oder nicht und am Ende gingen wir zum Restaurant und fanden es geschlossen
    4,7 / 5
  • I was impressed by child-friendly designs.
    4,8 / 5
  • The stay was lovely. The nature centre is lovely too. It is a shame that all the feeding information is in German, which limits a visitor from another country to understand all the interesting information. I know it would cost a lot to have a guided tour head set, but maybe even a information sheet in English with approximately info what the animal keeper is saying would be helpful - about the wolves, linx and the bears. Accommodation is great. It would help to know that food options are a bit limited, so people should bring a picnic from home.
    4,8 / 5
  • Amazing! We loved staying here and my family will have the memory of this place for a lifetime!
    4,8 / 5
  • Had a perfect weekend. The schäferwagen was amazing, comfortable and clean. I will definately be back again. Thank you
    5,0 / 5